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An employee code of conduct is a legal document that provides guidelines on acceptable behaviors of individuals in an organization. Download the Employee Code of Conduct sample here. It is a legal document that outlines a set of correct behaviors individuals need to follow towards others and the organization as a whole. The code of conduct is a set of standard social normsregulations and responsibilities of each individual in the company.

It is important it is clear and comprehensive covering all the important areas for your organization. The code of conduct becomes a legal agreement between the company and the employee upon its signage by a new recruit.

Commonly, the business code has to be accepted by new joiners upon recruitment because it helps companies to lay the foundation for the core company values and to maintain its standards. The main purpose of a code of conduct is to set and maintain a standard for acceptable behavior to all stakeholders in a company. It is a reminder to the employees of what is expected from them. It further highlights that their actions should be always aligned with the ethos of the business.

In addition, it should provide understanding of consequences and disciplinary actions if the conduct is broken. It is often believed to be the same as code of ethics.

However, that is not the case. The contents of the document will differ from business to business but you can find the standart sections of conduct that are usually covered below.

As stated, code of conduct should provide clear and thorough information that leaves no space for confusion. We have created a sample employee code of conduct policy document which you can download and tailor to your requirements. You can access it here:. Most companies have their code of conduct easily accessible to employees as well as the general public.

Find below some of best examples from some of the most well-known companies. The document covers rules on how to use company assets, how to handle business information, conflict of interest and relationships with external partners. It also provides the reader with additional resources and a clear outline of the company core values that helps to maintain the strong integrity of the business. Similarly, Google is a great example as it highlights the core company values in its code of conduct.

It outlines the expectations from each of the stakeholders in the company and what the ground rules of the business are. It is very clearly structured and to-the-point, adopting a slightly more serious tone than the previous two examples. The document considers the key activities and behaviors that are expected of their employees. In addition, the document covers how they expect them to manage difficult situations.

Additionally, we put together three examples of employee code of conducts from different industries including media, government body and a legal firm to highlight the variety of contents needed for different types of a business. Independent provides its employees and readers with a detailed document that promotes the best practices of the company as well as it provides information on the editorial conduct, guidelines how to prepare a publicationthe publication itself including sections such as privacy and social media handling as well as post-publication and dealing with any complaints.

Furthermore, the document includes a clear section on public interest clearly linking to the values of the organization. It provides guidance on how to act when specific, clear policies are not available.

And it reflects our commitment as a signatory to the UN Global Compact to align our policies and operations with the Compact's principles in the areas of human rights, fair labor, the environment and anti-corruption. It is a great example of an organization where a code of conduct is necessity to protect the body in case an individual fails to follow the standards.

All in allcode of conduct should be considered a necessity for each and every business. It showcases the core values and mission of a company through actionable rules. Thus, it can strengthen company culture in a business and improve engagement levels of the workforce.

It brings the mind of the management to peace as they have confidence in the presentation of the organization and the employees, who know what behavior is acceptable and what is not.

It should provide employees with clear guidelines and should not leave any grey space for confusion to maintain the desired perception of your business. Therefore, every company should make the time and effort to develop a comprehensive code of conduct.

Take inspiration from the useful best practices and employee code of conduct examples we have shared with you. Dominika Cechova.As a result, every code of conduct is unique to the organization it represents. Yet many companies struggle with how to write a great code of conduct and, as a result, their codes fall short. But no matter the company, all great codes of conduct share certain characteristics.

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By embedding one of its core values into its code of conduct, Coca-Cola is able to demonstrate its strong commitment to the business standards it has developed. The code specifies what it means to be part of the Hershey team and how each individual can contribute to the values of the organization by adhering to the standards of conduct. These scenarios serve to help employees make decisions when confronting problems that range from reporting harassment to declining gifts from vendors.

In many instances, the company indicates where or who employees can refer to for assistance or more information. Additionally, Starbucks has included a unique ethical decision-making framework to assist employees when they are faced with ethical dilemmas in the workplace. As a massive global entity, PepsiCo has ensured that its code of conduct is easy to understand in several languages and very clear in its expectations for employees.

This includes information on investigations related to misconduct and disciplinary actions the company may take. A Code of Conduct is not the same as a Code of Ethics.

Ethics expert Dr.

code of conduct

Chris Bauer explains the difference between these two important documents. Watch the video here. Following its trademark minimalist style, the code of conduct is concise, yet comprehensive.

The document covers topics such as health and safety, wages and benefits, child labor and harassment. The code of conduct also provides clarification of terms that may be unclear and examples of concepts that may be misunderstood. Though it does not contain images or visuals, the code is simple, straightforward and easy to understand.

It covers important topics including conflicts of interest, harassment, confidentiality and protection of user data. Facebook also highlights that employees can report violations anonymously to sources that they feel comfortable speaking to, including their managers, the HR department, or the Legal Department.

Employee Code of Conduct: Best Practices and Examples

The company emphasizes that trust is an important aspect of its operations, including with customers, governments, fellow employees, investors and representatives. The company highlights that the responsibilities covered in the code of conduct apply to all employees of the company, including directors, executives and members of the Board of Directors. The code outlines the expectations that employees must meet and even provides a checklist of responsibilities that can be used as a reference.

The Business Conduct Guidelines created by IBM provide employees with a clear understanding of the expectations of their employer. Additionally, the company provides links to several additional resources and policies that may be helpful to employees and investors. The code specifies who it applies to, how it will be upheld and the expectations set for employees.

The GM code of conduct includes a decision-making model that employees can follow when facing ethical dilemmas. For each section of the code of conduct, Toyota outlines which of its guiding principles played a role in the formation of that section.

Additionally, the company has clearly indicated what it views as acceptable or unacceptable behavior. The document is organized into brief points rather than lengthy paragraphs, making it very easy to read.While a code of ethics is a set of principles distinguishing right from wrong, a code of conduct is a set of rules that guides behavior.

A professional code of conduct outlines appropriate actions for employees or members, as well as the legal consequences of breaking these rules.

While a code of conduct is only mandated for public companiesmost experts agree that all companies should have a written code of conduct. A good code of conduct in business will be specific and outline the standards by which the entire company is expected to operate.

Most large companies and organizations share their code of conduct on their website in an effort to be transparent with customers and employees.

This helps establish their brand, protect the company, and protect the employees. A simple example of a professional code of conduct is the one shared by Dow Jones. This example is broken down into nine sections, each with a narrative description rather than bullet points or numbering.

Social media giant Facebook presents their code of conduct on the investor relations page of their corporate website. This is an example of a highly structured professional code of conduct where each section is numbered and includes additional bullet points for easy reading. The company also includes the date it was last updated and offers a downloadable PDF version.

code of conduct

Sections included in the Facebook Code of Conduct are:. This example of an extensive code of conduct for a business starts with a message from the president and CEO.

Then, it includes three major sections. The parts of the Colgate-Palmolive Code of Conduct are:. This code of conduct utilizes charts, special graphics, and concise lists to make all information accessible to everyone.

A personal code of conduct is deeply personal and relates specifically to you, the person writing it. This will be the set of behavior rules you live by, guiding every action you take in life. Try to set behavior standards for yourself that are realistic and flexible. That way, you can actually adhere to them. A personal code of conduct can be written down or it can be something you keep in the back of your mind.

Sample Employee Code of Conduct Policy

Since a personal code of conduct is inherently personal, it can be difficult to find concrete examples. Using examples of moralsstart your code of conduct by outlining your personal ethics, morals, and values. Then, assign actions to each of these.

This example of a personal code of conduct can be easily altered by anyone. I will take action to help a person in need if I see their need and am capable of making the situation better. In a violent situation, I will only retaliate with violence if I am unable to call for or get to help.

Ethics Case Study: It was Just a Careless Mistake

You can use a personal code of conduct template to get started on one of your own. Refer to the Adobe guide to download and print the code of conduct template below. Plug in the expectations you have for yourself.

Aligning your actions with a code of conduct not only protects you legally, but creates a standard of behavior for all who adhere to it and sets the tone for your overall image. For more, explore some examples of core values to decide what is most important to you. Sections of a comprehensive professional code of conduct include: Company mission Purpose of the code of conduct Compliance with laws or laws relevant to employee or member rights Outline of unacceptable behaviors in the workplace and their consequences Outline of internal practices such as dress code, drug use, or sexual harassment policies Outline of external practices such as confidentiality and conflicts of interest Company and equipment use and protections Outline of code compliance expectations Training requirements and guidelines Job duties and employment benefits Chain of command for disciplinary action.

Professional Code of Conduct Examples Most large companies and organizations share their code of conduct on their website in an effort to be transparent with customers and employees. Facebook Code of Conduct Social media giant Facebook presents their code of conduct on the investor relations page of their corporate website.

The parts of the Colgate-Palmolive Code of Conduct are: Our Values and Responsibility: Three sections on values and management Our Relationships: Ten sections detailing specific relationships like those with the board of directors or shareholders Speak Up: One section on reporting concerns This code of conduct utilizes charts, special graphics, and concise lists to make all information accessible to everyone.The culture of each company is different. The code of conduct and the code of ethics help explicitly define the ethical norms of an organization, and they guide employees towards understanding the standards and expectations for behavior.

Any business, from small online shops to large corporations, can benefit from publishing a code of conduct and ethics.

Customers and partners are more likely to engage with businesses that share similar values. The publicized commitment also shows that the company has done its part towards ensuring high standards and professional conduct as a form of risk mitigation.

It also includes matters of legal compliance. The different rules set out in a code of conduct determine which practices are required or restricted. This document details what is expected of employees. Employees who want to be part of the company need to adhere to the business code of conduct. Failure to comply with the code repeatedly or intentionally will lead to an appropriate sanction.

As such, a code of conduct also usually states the penalties for failure to comply. A code of ethics is a company policy statement or document designed to guide employees in decision-making. As a form of a value statement, it views ethics as a guide of principles that help professionals in the business conduct dealings honestly and with integrity.

Ethics is not just an intangible concept under corporate culture or an unwritten understanding among members of an organization. A code of ethics will reflect all of these principles and a general guide of how members should approach problems. Thus, most codes of ethics are also disclosed publicly so that interested parties can know how the company does its business. The general guide usually touches on common ethical concerns, such as employer-employee relations, environmental issues, social responsibility, and discrimination.

The code will outline the responsibilities and obligations that members have to the organization and its stakeholders for these different concerns. A code of ethics may be largely compliance-based, with guidelines explicitly set out along with penalties for violation of ethical principles. Large companies usually have a compliance officer who checks for ethical misconduct. A value-based code of ethics is more interested in employees self-regulating themselves to follow the standards of responsible conduct.

Employees are supposed to be guided by this code when they make crucial decisions. Intentionally or repeatedly breaking the code of ethics can result in dismissal or termination. Both the code of conduct and the code of ethics are formal documents that organizations create to encourage certain behavior from their employees.

They need to be accepted before a member can join the organization. Both outline the standards in which members must adhere to remain part of the organization, including specific scenarios or forms of behavior. The level of accountability is reflected in the sanctions for failure to comply with either code. The code of ethics is an aspirational document designed to influence individual decision-making and the thought process of the employees.

The business provides more specific practices and behavior covering many scenarios, and therefore, it has a narrower scope and longer length. Finally, the code of ethics is typically published online for the benefit of customers and shareholders, while the code of business conduct is a more internal agreement.Every company should have a code of conduct outlining how employees are supposed to interact and behave while at work.

By setting rules and expectations, employees know how to act at work and can be more successful in their roles. Employers need to consider many things to write a well-rounded code of conduct.

In this article, we discuss the types of code of conduct and provide some code of conduct examples. A code of conduct, also called a "code of business ethics," are the policies and rules both employees and employers must adhere to. These guidelines outline how people should appropriately interact with one another at work. A company's code of conduct is usually in its employee handbook, though human resources may also provide new employees with training materials to help them learn the code of conduct.

Each company has different rules outlined in its code of conduct, and some employers are more relaxed than others on following these rules.

A code of conduct is created by companies to ensure everyone can feel comfortable at work. When employees treat each other with respect, they can avoid conflicts and work together in harmony. Here are some reasons why a code of conduct is important:.

When a company has its code of conduct posted on its website, people interested in the company, such as potential job candidates, clients or stakeholders, can learn more about the company's ethics, values and morals.

A clear set of rules and expectations can help employees figure out what behaviors are appropriate for work. This way, they can create better relationships with their coworkers.

A code of conduct typically addresses things such as harassment in the workplace. If employees adhere to the company's policies, they are assured of acting within the confines of workplace laws. When employees treat each other equally and with respect, everyone tends to feel more satisfied with their workplace. This can help employers retain and attract more employees. Employers can better measure their employees' success when they have a code of conduct.

Within their policies, employers should discuss all the rules of the workplace. If they notice an employee isn't following the rules in the code of conduct, the employer can pinpoint exactly what the employee needs to improve.

Related: The Ultimate Guide to Professionalism. There are many types of code of conduct that an employer should include in their employee handbook.We promote freedom of expression and open communication. This policy applies to all our employees regardless of employment agreement or rank.

We outline the components of our Code of Conduct below:. They should comply with all environmental, safety and fair dealing laws. All employees must show integrity and professionalism in the workplace:. All employees must follow our dress code and personal appearance guidelines. We discourage employees from accepting gifts from clients or partners. We prohibit briberies for the benefit of any external or internal party.

Employees should follow their schedules.

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We can make exceptions for occasions that prevent employees from following standard working hours or days. But, generally, we expect employees to be punctual when coming to and leaving from work. All employees must be open for communication with their colleagues, supervisors or team members. We expect employees to not abuse their employment benefits. This can refer to time off, insurance, facilities, subscriptions or other benefits our company offers.

All employees should read and follow our company policies. If they have any questions, they should ask their managers or Human Resources HR department. Workable is all-in-one recruiting software. Source and evaluate candidates, track applicants and collaborate with your hiring teams.

Start hiring now with a day free trial. Or talk to us about your hiring plans and discover how Workable can help you find and hire great people.A professional code of conduct is a key component of some of the most successful businesses in the world.

code of conduct

Does your business have one? In most businesses, this code is a direct offshoot of their company culture. Every business is different and their codes of conduct differ accordingly. Despite that, consider including the following basics in yours:.

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It may seem like overkill to address all of these subjects — especially if your business is still small i. The best way to learn what to include in your code of conduct is to examine effective guidelines from other companies. Use this information below, copied from each company, as a model to create a unique set of guidelines for your own business.

Starbucks empowers all partners to make decisions that impact our reputation. The Standards of Business Conduct support the Global Business Ethics Policy and provide an overview of some of the legal and ethical standards we are each expected to follow every day.

If you are unsure of what to do in a situation, you have support. We set the bar that high for practical as well as aspirational reasons: Our commitment to the highest standards helps us hire great people, build great products, and attract loyal users.

Respect for our users, for the opportunity, and for each other are foundational to our success, and are something we need to support every day. Employees of Facebook, Inc. This code provides some guidelines for business conduct required of Facebook Personnel. Persons who are unsure whether their conduct or the conduct of other Facebook Personnel complies with this code should contact their manager, another Facebook manager, Human Resources, or the Legal Department.

This code applies to all Facebook Personnel, including members of the Board of Directors in connection with their work for Facebookofficers, and employees of Facebook, Inc. The best way to distribute your code of conduct is by making it a part of your employee handbook.

Whether you produce a print copy of your handbook, publish it online, or create a digital copy e.

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When you use the employee handbook as the foundation for your code of conduct, you set a precedent that can have long-term beneficial effects on the way your team members work together and apart. Visit GetSling. Put simply, a code of conduct is a set of rules that guides behavior in your business.

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External practices e. Starbucks Starbucks empowers all partners to make decisions that impact our reputation. Who Must Follow Our Code? Cookie Policy U.

Terms Of Use U. Sling is the easiest way to schedule and communicate with your employees. Try now for free.


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